Jeff Dolan

Goran Cpajak

These are images from around Clayton county, Iowa, mostly within a few blocks off our home in Guttenberg. (except for the fellow below, he’s a character out of my past.) "


I was raised on a farm in Buchanan County, Iowa, graduating from Iowa State in 1970. Most of my career was spent in Alaska with Unocal and Chevron. I retired in 2007 thinking I was going to relax, take it easy and maybe shoot a few photos. Life wasn’t that predictable and I ended up married to a wonderful woman, living in Guttenberg, Iowa, renovating three 160 year old stone buildings and building a business, River Park Place. I have always liked photography and have taken 10’s of 1000’s of images over the years. My wife urged me to print and display some of my shots and Wes kindly offered a venue.